The passage from middle school to senior school begins. Elective subjects are chosen with Years 11 and 12 studies in mind. Students gain an understanding of the many pathways available to them, along with an understanding that different people will choose different pathways forward. Students begin to be aware of the opportunities for leadership that exist at the College. The pastoral program continues to develop their understanding of self and self-responsibility.

Year 10 students complete seven core semester units in:

English (two semesters)
Health and Physical Education (one semester)
Mathematics (two semesters)
Science (one semester)
Social Sciences - History (one semester)

Year 10 students complete seven elective units. For their elective choices, students are strongly encouraged to sample and engage in elective subjects selected from the full range of faculty areas. The College actively encourages exploration and curiosity by delaying specialisation as long as possible. Electives are chosen from:

The Arts - Drama
Health and Physical Education
Industrial Technology and Design Design and Technology and Graphics
Languages Education – Japanese or French
Life and Faith
The Arts - Music
Science - Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Social Sciences - Geography
The Arts - Visual Art