Careers compressed"The Learning Pathways Program seeks to build solid knowledge-based foundations on which students' career aspirations will become reality, thus enabling them to reach their full potential."

Ms Anne Mitchell Grad Cert Career Guidance
Learning Pathways Counsellor

Students at CHAC are supported in their career decision making process by a well-defined career development program that builds in a progressive manner as students progress through the senior phase of learning. This program is informed by the Australian Blueprint for Career Development and is regularly reviewed and updated.

The CHAC career development program aims to develop self-efficacy through activities that promote self and social awareness, knowledge of the world of work, planning and decision making skills, and capacity to implement career planning across the life span.

The College also provides students and parents with access to a regularly maintained and supported Careers Resource Centre site on the College Portal, which can be accessed both internally and externally. The Careers Resource Centre site informs the education and training goal setting process, provides information on school based apprenticeship/traineeship vacancies, enhancement programs, tertiary studies, and scholarships.