2015 began with 56 eager faces all ready to commence learning in Year 5 in our brand new flexible learning spaces. Our new Year 5 community was established, through the encouragement of respect, support and teamwork.

The Year 5 children loved literature and enjoyed being read to each day. David Walliams was one of our favourites, entertaining us with Awful Auntie and Demon Dentist. Ms Root, Winnie the social worker, and PC Plank visited during the Book Week Parade. Ivan the caged silverback gorilla and Billy’s family’s plight during the London Blitz were thought-provoking books.

From a historical perspective, we experienced the lives of the prospectors during the Australian Gold Rush and the Eureka Stockade. In Science, we studied adaptations of animals and plants, compared solids, liquids and gases, and investigated our place in space. All Year 5 students also had the opportunity to experience the ‘Cosmodome’; a portable planetarium that came to CHAC and further developed students’ understanding of our vast universe. The children valued Visual Art experiences in our new upstairs Art Space.

The displays in our classrooms featured Upside Down Drawings of Albert Einstein, Vincent van Gogh portrait paintings and very colourful examples of space nebulae, complete with Artist Statements. In September, for Geography, we visited Southbank to photograph and investigate the human and environmental characteristics of this space. We were very impressed with the quality of the photographs, taken by the children, of Southbank’s landmark features.

This year, we have witnessed growth in maturity, confidence, leadership and academic performance, and commend all students on stepping up in preparation for leadership roles in Year 6.