In 2015, we really enjoyed taking pictures around the school and then designing them on Publisher.
Matteo, Megan, Charlotte and Oliver

We all liked building and designing the catapults that we did in Term 1, because we got to be creative.
Aiden, Noah, Sareen, Hudson and Felix

In Term 2, for Science, we enjoyed learning about erosion and about different soils.
Bailey, Lauren and Riley

We really liked it when we did a PowerPoint about life cycles for Science, because we learnt interesting facts about animals and plants, and compared them.
Hannah, Charlotte and Ayla

I enjoyed doing the sand ball experiment in Science, where the balls dissolved and came out in a different shape.

With Maths, I learnt how to do fractions with Mr Williams. He also helped with teaching division.

We really liked it when the two Year 4 classes got to work together on fractions and played games afterwards. Our favourite game was a card game.
Lachlan and Meletios

This year I have enjoyed the whole of Maths, especially learning about angles.