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It has been a fun-filled year, with students learning about festivals around the world, how we belong within a community, as well as how the past influences us in the future. A highlight was celebrating Chinese New Year, creating Chinese lanterns, money bags and eating fortune cookies. These studies became more exciting as students came to realise that the 2015 Year 3 students would go down in CHAC history as being the first Year 3 class at Cannon Hill Anglican College. Students had a wonderful time on their beach day camp, learning about how they operate within a team, as well as what sort of leader they are. Another highlight for students was the train ride into the city to see Old Government House and enjoy a picnic in the Botanical Gardens. Book Week was an enjoyable time for students and teachers alike, dressing up as their favourite book character. The Year 3 class had been reading Pippi Longstocking, so there were many little girls running around in odd socks and twisty plaits. We thoroughly enjoyed our first year in the new Upper Primary building, especially the brand new playground.