Primary education, beginning with the youngest students in Preparatory, focusses on establishing the skills to learn well and the strategies to become successful, collaborative members of a community. The hallmarks of a successful education are on not only in the development of intellect, and but also in building character and nurturing positive and productive dispositions. In 2015, Primary Pastoral Leaders, Miss Stephanie McQuillan and Mrs Robyn Press, worked closely with staff and students to bring an obvious focus on developing the qualities of respect, courage, integrity and compassion through deliberate and targeted themes. Primary student leadership expanded to include four Primary Diakonos Teams, aiming to serve the community and the environment. Year 6 student leaders were trained as peer mentors to assist the Early Years students in developing the skills to manage everyday conflict. The students in Upper Primary participated in a variety of excursions and events aimed at developing quality character attributes.

The new Primary facilities were completed and Upper Primary students moved in to take up residence in their flexible learning spaces. Students enjoyed The Arts learning areas: Music, Dance and Drama, in the purpose built studio and Upper Primary students could also enjoy learning Visual Art in the new outdoor art teaching facility.

Teachers continued to develop all areas of the Australian Curriculum and Assessment for Learning remained a strong focus. CHAC teachers came together with 80 colleagues from across Brisbane and South east Queensland Independent Schools to host a day of moderation and professional development in October. The overall curriculum development across Primary was this year ably assisted by Mrs Suzie Alexander with Ms Anita Spencer focussing on Literacy Coaching.


Launch of the Bridge Builders Peer Mediation programme.
Implementation of focussed programmes to equip students to deal with everyday conflict and bullying.
Introduction of CHAC’s first Year 3 class.
Primary Leaders’ Commissioning Service.
Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day celebrations.
Year 6 Rock ‘n’ Roll Social.
Primary Awards Ceremony
Year 6 Thanksgiving service and supper to mark their completion of Primary schooling.
Boys Matter and Girls Matter afternoons in Semesters 1 and 2.

Programs and Activities

Implementation of Lunchtime activities and clubs.
Continued use of DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) across Years 3 to 6 classes, with assessments taking place in Terms 1 and 3 to give teachers much needed data to inform teaching.
Ongoing reading assessment in Early Years, using PM Reading Assessment.
Year 6 Canberra Tour.
The Great Race – Leadership Development Day.
Years 4 and 5 character development incursion.
Year 3 beach retreat.
The Kokoda Challenge for Year 6 students, to instil a sense of reliance upon self and others.
Celebration of Children’s Book Week and Book Week Parade.

Future Directions

2016 will see the Primary Precinct complete, with two streams of classes from Preparatory through to Year 6. Staff will continue to develop vibrant and meaningful learning programmes to foster intellectual growth and character development of all students in our community.

Elizabeth Chaplin
Director of Primary