PrepYear 1

The learning in Year 1 in 2015 has been fun-filled and aplenty! Over the course of the year, students have readily learnt a range of powerful words for use in their writing, and taken part in multiple different hands-on activities in learning Maths. Art has been a highlight, with students enjoying the chance to experiment with a range of media including oil and soft pastels, dyes and water colours, and techniques including collage, multi-media creations and clay modelling. In order to enhance the students’ understanding of life in the past, they dressed up in olden-day clothes, interviewed a panel of ‘expert grandparents’, and played olden-day games with them. An excursion to Beenleigh Historical Village & Museum gave a further insight into life in the past. Learning about school in the olden days was a thrill, although students weren’t keen to see the cane or ‘dunces hat’ return to classrooms anytime soon! Science is always interesting when you can perform real experiments and immensely more engaging when the experiments required chocolate, as was the case in our Chemistry unit. Visiting the Wetlands as part of our Biology unit, to find which animals called this area home, gave students a new appreciation for this beautiful area of the College. Technology was incorporated in various ways throughout all curriculum areas. Favourites included taking vintage photos, making electronic posters, and creating in mini documentaries, including narration! Bee-Bots made Maths lessons feel like free play! We all showed what a wonderful community we have at CHAC, with lots of bucket-filling behaviours and enjoyed celebrating and recognising these values when we attended our new Chapel that was consecrated this year.

Year 2

2015 saw the Year 2 class engage in variety of activities. In Science, they investigated living things, gained an understanding of, and appreciation for, our precious natural resource; water. Through investigations, students explored how water is used, changing quantities of materials in a mixture, and how a push or pull affects how an object moves. Through inquiry in History and Geography, the students learnt about the connections between people and places, and location of the major geographical divisions of the world in relation to Australia. Earlier in the year, the Year 2 students thoroughly enjoyed their Under 8s Activity Day, with the involvement of parents from among the Early Years cohort. The highlight was watching the students interact with each other and transitioning from one activity to another, freely and responsibly. Another highlight this year was the Alice in Wonderland play. It was truly an experience to perform in front of an audience consisting of Preps, Year 1s and their parents. The students found this enjoyable and exciting, not to mention a real confidence builder for many. I was so proud of their conduct, and their commitment to putting on a good show.