IMG 2082compressed Next Practice is a future-focussed approach to teaching and learning enabled by new technologies. It is characterised by engagement in relevant, authentic learning experiences which integrate the learning environment with the real world of global citizenship.

This learner-focussed methodology develops in our students the capacity to transfer their authentic skills and knowledge to the real world, equipping them with the confidence and capabilities to operate in any geographical or cultural context.

With more creativity and collaboration, and greater in-class engagement in a supportive and connected environment, CHAC students benefit from whole-brain learning, tailored to their individual needs and development.

Because Next Practice is driven by neuroscience research, next-generation ICT, and leading-edge educational research, this flexible and evolutionary methodology constantly leads contemporary practice.

CHAC's rigorous and supportive Professional Development (PD) program for staff ensures a high degree of professionalism across the College, and best practice – i.e. Next Practice – in the classrooms. The PD program at CHAC emphasises pedagogy over technology, to ensure that all staff are appropriately prepared to effectively utilise the range of digital technologies that underpin Next Practice.