100 0230The biggest intake of students occurs at Year 7. With students arriving from more than 30 schools, new friendships are forged and opportunities for a fresh start are presented. Students undertake a course of study that consolidates the core subjects and exposes them to a whole new range of academic experiences.

As students transition, they are supported by a core teacher in English and Social Sciences and a core teacher in Maths and Science, along with specialists in the other disciplines.

The pastoral program focuses on understanding their place in the school community, taking responsibility for their attitudes and actions, and understanding those around them.

Students complete compulsory units in:

English (two semesters)
Health and Physical Education
Integrated Learning
Languages Education – Japanese or French (one semester)
Life and Faith (one semester)
Mathematics (two semesters)
Science (two semesters)
Social Sciences - History and Geography (two semesters)
The Arts – Visual Art (one term)
The Arts – Music (one term)
The Arts – Drama (one term)
The Arts – Media Studies (one term)