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Staff new to the College often refer to the friendly nature and cohesive spirit of the team at CHAC. This doesn't happen by accident and is the result of inspired management, passionate and committed leadership, and shared vision and values.


The College Council is the Board of Directors of Cannon Hill Anglican College Pty Ltd and is responsible for the governance of the College. Council is concerned with overall direction and policy and does not direct the day-to-day operations or management of the College. More

Senior Leadership Team

Under the Direction of the Principal, the role of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is to prepare and manage the implementation of the College's strategic direction, ensuring that priority areas and projects are on task and on schedule. More


Heads of Faculty

Heads of Faculty (HOF) are responsible for the development of high-quality, contemporary learning programs within their discipline and for the efficient and effective operation of their faculty. They are responsible for the structuring of work programs and the assessment of students. More

Heads of Houses

Heads of House (HOH) are responsible for monitoring the academic, cultural, social, emotional and physical welfare and development of all students in their House, assisted by Homeroom Teachers and other members of House staff and also by Year 12 student leaders. More

Student Leadership

Positive student leadership opportunities and experiences at school assist young adults to transition into the community and the world of work and adult responsibility. As such, developing the skills and abilities that are central to successful leadership is an important part of the education process at Cannon Hill Anglican College. Informal leadership opportunities exist at all year levels and within all classes, and formal roles begin in Year 7. More