Research CentreA modern Research Centre offers extensive computer access, a continuously enhanced collection, and Seminar and Reading rooms, where students may read and borrow books, journals, newspapers, magazines and other text-based information resources. They can also access electronic information such as the internet, intranet, electronic mail, encyclopaedias, online journals and CD-ROMs.

The Research Centre is a place for research as an individual, as part of a small group, or as part of a class, as students develop skills in how to search for, locate and critique many different types of information. To that end, friendly and knowledgeable staff assist students in accessing information in books, journals, newspapers, databases or through the internet

Students may also use the Research Centre to access technologies such as digital still cameras, digital video cameras, microphones, and scanners. Audio-visual materials such as DVDs, videos, CDs and cassettes are available to borrow, for use at school.

The Research Centre incorporates the 1-to-1 Student Technology Program Help Desk, where students may seek assistance
if their tablet computer needs new software installed, is damaged, or not working correctly.