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The end of the first trimester of sport for 2012 was a cause for great celebration, as CHAC placed four well-deserved and hard-fought premiership trophies in its display cabinet.

In Term 2, we welcomed Mr Geoff Govier to CHAC. The new Director of Performance Music has quickly settled in and clearly has a passion for music.

On 7 March, a day prior to International Women’s Day (IWD), Ell Harrison, Anna Reynolds, Isabella Hine and Nicola Bignell joined 110 CHAC mums, students and staff for the Girls’ Education Committee’s fifth annual IWD breakfast, held this year at the Colmslie Hotel.

Cannon Hill Anglican College (CHAC) was thrilled to take out the annual TAS Cross-country top-division aggregate trophy to complement three sporting premierships won already in 2011.

Beating stiff competition in the TAS (The Associated Schools) event, CHAC celebrated its inaugural win of the aggregate trophy. The runners were keen to show their fighting spirit and to improve on their fourth position from the previous year's event.