The Administration Office will be closed from Friday 23 December to Monday 2 January, inclusive. We wish you a peaceful, meaningful and joyful Christmas and look forward to another adventurous, fulfilling and successful year at CHAC in 2017.

We are delighted to inform you that our CHAC Seniors of 2016 recorded outstanding OP results - comparable with our best ever results in 2015.

125 of the 132 in the cohort were OP eligible.

Thanks to their effort and determination, and the excellent teaching and dedication of our staff, over one quarter of the cohort achieved an OP between 1 and 3 (32 students - 8 OP 1, 14 OP2, 10 OP3). This is greater than twice the State distribution for OP 1-3.

OP 1-5: 36% (45 students who will receive the Principal's Honours Award in February)
OP 1-10: 73.6%
OP 1-15: 96%

These results were underpinned by excellent QCS results.

We joyfully congratulate our 2016 graduates on the way they embraced the breadth of opportunities at CHAC to become such fine young people and commend their families in guiding them toward such 'personal best' achievements across their educational experience.

We wish you all well as you choose the next steps on your personal pathways.

Congratulations CHAC - students, staff and parents!

Thank you to everyone who very kindly supported the College's fundraising by purchasing tickets in the raffle to win a set of Callaway golf clubs.

The draw took place at 6.30pm on Friday 9 September and the winner was Mrs Kim Andrews.



We invite you to enjoy the 2016 Annual Awards Evening via our live link.


Across all year levels at CHAC, students work alongside their peers to mentor and motivate each other, to build shared value in and among our community.

One such effective peer-to-peer program is Bridge Builders™ – a program created by Jocelyne Chirnside of Empowering Life Skills, who has worked with students and staff in Primary to help make the program an essential part of the curriculum and pastoral care program. This year, 26 Year 6 volunteers have been chosen to support their younger counterparts in Prep to Year 2, during their playtimes.

The aim of the program is to create a supportive network for Early Years students, to help them resolve conflict within the playground. ‘Each of us has different values, beliefs, interests and experiences,’ said Pastoral Care Leader and Year 4 teacher, Stephanie McQuillan. ‘At times, these differences cause obstacles. Often, the most disruptive and stressful experiences children face are conflicts with others. By teaching students how to successfully rebuild and repair relationships after encountering conflict, helps to build self-confidence as well as instil an important life skill.’

Read the full article in the Winter 2016 Edition of Pax et Bonum.