Congratulations to Mrs Rutter and Mr Gothard, on their nomination for a 2013 ASG NEiTA Award for Inspirational Educators.

The National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) program, supported by the Australian Scholarships Group, gives communities the opportunity to formally thank their hard-working and inspirational educators and leaders.

This prestigious award means Mrs Rutter and Mr Gothard are now eligible for consideration for a National ASG Inspirational Teaching Award and grant, and we wish them every success.

On 26 July, at the Queensland Music Festival, Ripley (Year 10) was announced the winner of the Score IT! Junior category. 

Score IT! is a state-wide film-scoring contest for emerging Queensland composers in which young composers, from Years 8 to 12, create an original composition, using any instrumentation, to accompany a short film.

According to the Queensland Music Festival website’s Score It! page, ‘A film without music is like a puppet without strings – it is unlikely to move’.

‘The musical score of a film is as integral to its emotional impact as the script, cinematography and even the actors themselves.’

The College congratulates Ripley for her major achievement.


Congratulations to our Year 7A Netball, Year 9B Netball, and Year 9 Hockey teams, for winning Premiership titles in Trimester 2.

Congratulations to the CHAC team which won QUT's inaugural AdSpace Challenge, by pitching the best proposal to the Brisbane Lions, to sell Family Membership tickets for the 2014 season. They even beat a team of staff! 

The project was an Art and Business Faculties collaboration and the team comprised Charley, Jonathan, Taylor, Henry, Sarah and Amanda.

According to QUT’s Associate Professor Gayle Kerr, ‘AdSpace provided the students with a chance to be advertisers for the day, working from university lecturers and students to develop ideas and pitch an advertising campaign for the Brisbane Lions.

‘The day showed students that there's a lot more behind-the-scenes work and decisions than what you would see on The Gruen Transfer.

‘Your students did an exceptional job and it was a well-deserved win.’

According to Charley and Jonathan, ‘Our team was a collaboration between CHAC’s Art and Business faculties. Throughout the day, we gained tips from several experts about advertising techniques and the marketing industry. It was a great opportunity to immerse ourselves in University life and get a feel for a career in Business. We are extremely grateful to QUT for the experience. 

‘This immersive experience provided the necessary information for the second part of the day: creating our own campaign. We created a campaign based upon a real-world scenario provided to us by the Brisbane Lions Football Club. We had to appeal to consumers to purchase the Family Membership ticket deal for next year’s AFL season. A Marketing Director from the club addressed us with said task. Then, we broke off into our school teams for the majority of the day, in order to create our marketing campaign.

‘The CHAC group of students, in our brilliantly team-based execution of the task, took away 1st place in the competition.’

On Friday 17 May, Brisbane's beautiful autumn weather helped to ensure a very happy day for CHAC students and their very special guests.