Congratulations to our 2013 Year 12s!

49 students OP 1 to 5 (35%)
130 students OP 1 to 15 (92%)

These are our 'best ever' results, which we look forward to celebrating at our Honours Assembly on 14 February 2014.

Andrew Barnes (Class of 2006) was named Queensland's 2014 Rhodes Scholar. Two of the six finalists were CHAC students - which is incredible in itself. We are therefore also delighted that Chris Eigeland (Class of 2007) was selected as one of the two runners-up to go on to a further interview by the ‘Australia at Large’ Committee. Although Chris was unsuccessful, we could not be more proud of these men and we heartily congratulate them.

Friday 13 September will be a lucky day for some, as tickets for CHAC's annual Grand Raffle go on sale.

Queensland’s Arts Minister, the Hon Ian Walker recently announced Brisbane songwriter, and 1998 CHAC graduate, Seja Vogel as the winner of the $25,000 Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship, at an event at the State Library of Queensland.

Congratulations to Mrs Rutter and Mr Gothard, on their nomination for a 2013 ASG NEiTA Award for Inspirational Educators.

The National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) program, supported by the Australian Scholarships Group, gives communities the opportunity to formally thank their hard-working and inspirational educators and leaders.

This prestigious award means Mrs Rutter and Mr Gothard are now eligible for consideration for a National ASG Inspirational Teaching Award and grant, and we wish them every success.