Hearty congratulations to our Cross Country team - TAS Champions for 2015! Well done to the entire CHAC team - we are very, very proud of you!

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CHAC won the following trophies:

2015 Cross Country Champions

Boys Champions
2nd overall for the girls
Boys percentage trophy
Girls percentage trophy
12 Years Girls
13 Years Girls
13 Years Boys
14 Years Boys
Open Boys

Congratulations to our sports teams, which won 17 out of their 17 games played on Saturday 2 May 2015.

Congratulations to CHAC Year 12 graduates on excellent OP results in 2014.

College 'best evers' - 92.6% OP 1-15 and 68.6% OP 1-10!
38 students achieved OP 1-5 -  representing 31.4% of the cohort to return for Honours Awards in February 2015.

Another outstanding testament to our 2014 theme: 'Personal Best for Community Success'.

It is with great pride that we congratulate two of our students whose talent, persistent training and determination saw them selected to compete at the National Age Swimming Championships in Sydney.

Congratulations to Mackenzie Janes and Nicholas Keune who both competed in the 15 Years Boys' 50m Freestyle event. Mackenzie finished 33rd in this category.

Nick swam his way into the finals of the 50m Freestyle event and is now Australia's new 15 Years Age Champion. He also competed in the 100m Freestyle - finishing 9th in the finals, 100m Backstroke and 200m Backstroke, where he finished 22nd and 18th respectively.

Congratulations Nick and Mackenzie - a superb effort and a great thrill for all of us at CHAC. We will be watching your futures with great interest and cheering you on in all that you do.

We are pleased to announce that CHAC will still be open on Friday 28 November, following the worst storm to hit Brisbane in 30 years. We trust that our community and their homes were safe and secure during the storm.