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Robyn Bell reminded guests at this year's Corporate Networking Evening that CHAC’s Next Practice is part of our Vision to provide distinctively innovative, successful and sustainable Anglican co-education, and introduced concept plans for the College’s proposed Enterprise Centre.

‘We want to bring the world to the students through incursions, collaborative projects with trade, industry and tertiary education. Our strategic focus on the development of external relationships and  partnerships will provide ongoing, collaborative project and start-up opportunities and mentoring. It is about incursion, investment, creativity and imagination. ‘The proposed Enterprise Centre is designed to foster entrepreneurship and to be that bridge between Secondary school, tertiary education and the local and global economies,’ said Robyn. ‘It is intended to be a place of creativity and innovation, with students experiencing the challenges and pressures of working in diverse teams, often put together to solve a problem or build a start-up.’

Such a centre is at the forefront of addressing the challenges facing current and future students to craft their own businesses and careers; to develop their own competitive advantage and brand. It will be both  multi and cross-disciplinary, connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and innovation agendas through various technologies.