CHAC returned triumphant from the International Space Settlement Design Competition. Having been part of the winning Australian team, CHAC students then took on the world in the international final held NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas.

IMG 2079compressedThe Space Settlement Design Competition puts high school students in the shoes of aerospace industry engineers as they design a city in space that will be a home for over 10,000 people. Student engineers demonstrate creativity, technical competence, management skills, space environment knowledge, teamwork, and presentation techniques to conquer the problems inherent in siting and designing the space colony.

Twelve finalist teams from around the world were selected to compete in the live competition, with real engineers sharing their knowledge and experience in both engineering and management. 

The CHAC Year 12 students - Angus, Mitchell, Tim and Courtney - returned with the trophy, and couldn’t have been happier.

‘The competition was absolutely brilliant,’ said Mitchell. ‘We spent 48 hours frantically trying to create a proposal on how to create a station on the Moon!’

‘My role was in Operations Engineering,’ said Courtney. ‘We had 36 sleepless hours in total to complete our proposal, which was fun but intense, and comprised of much research, drawing, calculating, negotiating and compromising. It was certainly challenging to negotiate with other members of our team, which came from all over the world - including India, Romania and other parts of America.’

‘None of us slept a wink but it was worth it for on the last day we were announced the winner. We got medals, trophies and even watched a rocket launch moments after,’ said Tim.

Angus, too, raved about the unforgettable experience. ‘This has been the experience of a lifetime. Even if we hadn’t won the competition, the experience along was great. The last few hours of the competition were insane, especially for me as I was the one who put together the PowerPoint presentation to present to the judges.’

Our Exceptional Scientists’ Program is a CHAC initiative aimed at talented, or interested, students who are passionate about Science. Through extension programs, award applications, and real-world learning - such as the Space Settlement Design Competition - a student’s talent or passion is nurtured, ensuring they receive qualitative exposure to multiple opportunities.