DSC 5522copy2cThe Life and Faith Program leads students to an understanding of the spiritual aspects of their lives. Students are encouraged to explore the ethical and moral issues affecting themselves, their peers and society and to support the values of community life.

Campus Ministry is supported by the extensive Life and Faith program which is taught with great passion by members of the Campus Ministry team. This program gives every student at CHAC a grounding in the beliefs of the Christian faith, an understanding of other religions and the means by which to develop their own beliefs. The Life and Faith staff are committed to improving and developing their own knowledge and practice, and they personally participate in the life of the wider Church, to the benefit of their ministry at CHAC.

The Campus Ministry team, in partnership with Diakonos and the other Service groups within the College, has developed a framework for the Mission of Service within the College; that is, the articulation of the purpose and intention of the various activities which encourage and facilitate community service and care for others. This framework sets the Mission of Service within the wider mission of God and provides a context in which our students are able to meaningfully reach out to others.

These achievements will continue to strengthen the spiritual life of the College and equip our students to be compassionate and courageous members of the global community into the future.”

The Reverend Canon Sarah Leisemann
College Chaplain and Director of Mission

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