background 110The School Counsellor, Mrs Meggy Delaunay (PGDip(PsychPrac) PGDip(DevPsych) M(GenPsych) D(Psych) MAPS), works alongside the Learning Pathways Counsellor to provide for the combined emotional and vocational needs of students, and counselling is available to students and their families.

Referral Methods: 

  • Via Head of House (HOH)
    Students or parents of students may request appointments through a student's HOH. Similarly, students in need are often noticed by their HOH. Homeroom teachers or other teachers noticing students in need may also flag the student to their HOH.
  • Via Teachers
    As above, if Homeroom teachers or teachers notice that a student is in need, they may approach the Counsellor directly. It is preferable if the HOH is involved in the referral, but sometimes this is not appropriate (for example, if the student prefers the HOH not to know).
  • Direct Method
    Students or parents of students may contact the Counsellor directly to request an appointment. This can be done using a slip available at Student Reception or emailing the Counsellor. Parents may also call the Counsellor to request an appointment, via Main Reception, on 07 3896 0444.
    Counselling sessions will be kept confidential except when a student is at risk. An example of such a case is if the student is at risk of harming self or others.

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