bigsisterlittlesistercompressedCHAC Community Sessions provide a formal program of personal development for each year group.

These thirty-five minute lessons provide a unique opportunity to be very proactive in addressing specific needs of our students. Flexibility in the organisation and the content of this program is vital to its success.

Issues such as brain smart learning, critical thinking, leadership, etiquette, human sexuality, healthy relationships, substance abuse, nutrition, stress and time management, financial and driver education are taught in appropriate age, maturity and gender groupings.

The CHAC Community Session programs and structures are reviewed regularly to ensure that they are meeting the needs of students, staff and community, and that they are responsive to contemporary research findings, understandings and innovations.

Part of the Sessions includes student-organised specific year-level activities to strengthen the bonds of friendship and collaboration amongst peers, as follows:

  • Years 7 and 8 - students develop their connections with the CHAC community by exploring the topics of friendship, assertiveness, the role of the responsible bystander when dealing with bullying and the implications of cyber-bullying. Self-awareness and self-confidence are promoted through discussion of changes during puberty and the practical application of the principles of the Rock and Water course.
  • Year 9 - students focus on understanding the physiology of the brain, nutrition and sleep, memory systems, emotional rooms and thinking skills, supporting the notion of quality learning. The course further develops computer literacy through workshops in spreadsheets, internet research and databases, word processing and file management.
  • Year 10 - the program includes a range of guest presenters from various tertiary institutions, as well as activities associated with developing leadership skills, career planning, camp preparation, service activities, alcohol education, financial management, and public speaking.
  • Year 11 - students cover topics including driver education, leadership, service activities, the Big Sister Program, camp preparation and looking after friends in risky situations.
  • Year 12 – the program includes goal setting, nutrition, relaxation, stress management, drug education, Senior Formal preparations, enrolling to vote, CHAC Leaders Panel and various sessions relating to topics such as the Youth Advocacy Centre, Legal Aid and the Residential Tenancy Authority.