CampsOutdoor educational experiences, or camps, form a valuable part of the broad based educational experience on offer at CHAC. Camps are designed to take the students out of their comfort zone and to challenge them mentally, intellectually, socially and physically by exposing them to situations that require a combination of calculated risk taking, lateral thinking, teamwork and physical determination.

They allow staff and students to interact and form relationships in settings outside of the classroom, and also focus on:

  • Primary Students – the development of independence and interdependence, social skills and care and concern for others
  • Year 7 and Year 8 – introduction to CHAC and the transition from Primary to Secondary school. Click here for news of the 2014 Year 8 camp.
  • Year 10 – fostering group identity, teamwork and accepting individual differences. Click here for news of the 2014 Year 10 camp.
  • Year 11 – leadership development and leadership planning for Year 12. Click here for news of the Year 11 2014 camp.