Pastoral compressed

Recent research in Australia suggests that the role of schools in supporting and promoting a learner's emotional and social development and competence, appears to be at least as important as their role in supporting academic development and competence.

The aim of the pastoral care program at Cannon Hill Anglican College is to instil in our students a sense of security and connectedness within the College. Pastoral care structures within the College have been developed to provide our students with a safe and caring learning environment.

A strong caring community develops in students a sense of self-confidence, respect for one's self and others, and the strength of character to negotiate an increasingly complex society. 

Visitors to the College often talk about the relaxed and friendly feel of the campus. This is deliberately fostered and nurtured through the following programs.

To read Alanna and Luka's (picutred right) views on their House and Homeroom, please click here.

The House System

The House system is the fundamental pastoral structure within the College.
It monitors the welfare, behaviour and appearance of the students. More info


In this pastoral group, activities are undertaken to develop healthy self-concepts, team building and decision-making skills as well as study and homework techniques. More info

Life and Faith Program

The Life and Faith Program leads students to an understanding of the spiritual aspects of
their lives. More info


An extensive Camp program offers students a wide variety of opportunities for challenge and growth socially, emotionally and physically. More info

Preparing for life after school

Career counselling services and a comprehensive Career Pathways Program are part of our inclusive educational program. More info

Leadership and Responsibility

The concept of servant leadership is central to the student leadership program at the College. More info

Community Sessions

CHAC Community Sessions provide a formal program of personal development
for each year group. More info


Counselling is available to students and their families. More info