BEC compressedThe Boys’ Project took its current format in 2008. It aims to encourage success amongst our boys by improving learning and literacy standards, developing positive self-esteem and providing opportunities for showing leadership. The project encourages boys to lead the way for boys by taking ownership of initiatives and allowing their voice to be heard.

The Boys’ Education Committee comprises students from Years 7 to 12 and a team of dedicated teachers. This Committee is chaired by a male member of staff and is directly responsible to the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team for providing information about the education and development of the boys at the College.

Projects instigated by the Boys’ Education Committee include:

  • Boys for Success Breakfast
    The focus of this event is to hear the stories of men who have recognised personal challenge and have been successful in achieving their personal goals. The breakfast is hosted and presented by a team of students from the Boys’ Education Committee.
  • Physical Fitness Program
    This program has been introduced to give boys across all year levels an additional opportunity to be involved in regular physical activities.
  • Table Tennis
  • Touch Football games (against staff; between year levels)
  • Cross-country training and participation in the Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run
  • Student Forums
    Student-directed panels and visiting guest speakers deal with such issues as relationships, self-esteem, and stress.
  • Reading for Pleasure
    Workshops for encouraging reading incorporate reading opportunities between the senior and junior boys and committed staff.
  • Annual survey of boys’ interests, issues and concerns.

These surveys are also undertaken with community groups – including the police and universities – and address issues such as binge drinking amongst males and cyber bullying.