Every day, the CHAC community generates heart-warming stories of achievement, commitment, acknowledgment, endeavour, mateship, and success. Each of these stories are measured not by 'being the best' but by 'trying one's best'; not by 'giving the most', but by sharing what one has; and not by outshining one another but by shining a light on those in need of a helping hand.

At the Primary Leaders’ Commissioning Service on 12 March 2013, all Year 7 students were inducted as Primary Leaders.

An outstanding 37 Honours Students were entered into the Honours Register during an uplifting and inspiring ceremony on Friday 15 February 2013.

Primary's big day was a wonderful celebration.

CHAC's expansion makes front page news.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Deeb and Megan Stibbard, who were announced dual Duxes of CHAC for 2012.