We are delighted to announce that three of our five final applicants for selection to attend the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) have been successful.


Year 11 students, Jack Deeb, Chloe Sonter and Courtney Graymore will attend this twelve-day forum held in Canberra in January 2014.

The NYSF is a prestigious Australian program designed for Year 11 students entering Year 12 interested in pursuing a career in Science, Engineering or a related discipline. The forum comprises scientific, formal, personal development, and social activities. These range from laboratory visits to sports evenings, and from a bush dance to group dynamics. Participants are trained in time management, interview skills, public speaking, and emerge from the program better able to make informed choices for future endeavours.

Applications for NYSF are open to Year 11 students and close 31 May each year. Students seek sponsorship from a Rotary Club. A selection process, which includes an interview, impromptu speech, test of science knowledge, and assessment of ability to work in a group, ensues. A select group of successful candidates is then invited to attend the fully residential program in Canberra or Perth.

It is a great honour to be selected for the NYSF, and to have one student each year chosen from our College is cause for celebration. To have three chosen is remarkable. It is a great testimony to the work of our College and our parents in producing such outstanding, fine young people.

Jack, Chloe and Courtney will be excellent ambassadors for our College, we wish them well and look forward in 2014 to hearing about their adventures.

Gay Ellyett
Head of Faculty - Science